About CCAS


Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) provides academic advising and facilitates career development for undergraduates who are exploring majors and careers. Employing a developmental focus, CCAS is dedicated to holistic student learning. CCAS works closely with the Career Exploration Center, and together we serve UW-Madison across all eight undergraduate schools and colleges.

CCAS Students

CCAS exists to serve all undergraduate students who are undecided about their major, and who seek individualized help to explore academic options. CCAS is a great place to start if you:

• are unsure of how to go about choosing a major
• have a few ideas in mind and would like help putting together your plan
• are in the initial stages of identifying your strengths and interests
• are considering majors across different UW-Madison schools and colleges
• are changing your mind about what to major in
• have been denied admission to a limited-enrollment program and are uncertain where to go next
• have questions about the impact of your major decision on future career opportunities


At CCAS, our role is to help students find the information, self-knowledge, and experiences that will move their lives in the directions they choose. CCAS advisors will not “prescribe” answers or programs to students. We instead support and assist students through the process of finding academic areas that they enjoy and in which they will be successful.

Extracurricular experiences are integral to career and academic development, and we encourage students to also seek opportunities outside of the classroom. Although students are ultimately responsible for their educational experiences, we believe academic advising is a collaborative process, and we do all we can to help students identify and achieve their individual academic and career goals.