New Transfer Students

Strategic Exploration

CCAS is a great starting place for any exploring or undecided transfer student! Choosing a major can be both exciting and challenging as you explore many possibilities on a new campus. Our advisors will help you make strategic choices around course selection. We will work with you to create a customized academic plan that fits your goals and interests. Strategic Exploration helps you both explore majors and stay on track for graduation.

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Understanding Credits

Before you attend Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR), the Office of the Registrar will provide you with a Transfer Credit Evaluation detailing how your previous courses and standardized tests will transfer to UW-Madison. You will be emailed when your evaluation has been completed with instructions on how to view it in your MyUW Applicant Homepage or Student Center.

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How to read a Transfer Credit Evaluatuon

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Want to see how some of your courses will transfer to UW-Madison now?

Using Transferology is a great first step as an incoming transfer student! Transferology is an online transfer equivalency database with 400+ colleges in their network. All courses evaluated by UW-Madison will appear in Transferology.

Note: Some courses you have taken may not appear in Transferology. Those will appear on your Transfer Credit Evaluation.

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Transferring credits from one institution to another can be a complex process. Advisors are here to help!

Varying course equivalencies

Different universities may offer courses with similar titles but varying content and depth.

How we help: We will give you a clear understanding of your earned credits. We will also connect with other departments to clarify any questions and discrepancies.

Credit Hour Discrepancies

The number of credit hours assigned to a course may vary between institutions. For example, courses taken at institutions that use quarter credits or units do not equate to full semester credits at UW-Madison.

How we help: We will help you understand how any discrepancies impact your degree requirements.

Credit Transfer Policies

Each university has its own policies about the acceptance of transfer credits.

How we help: These policies can be time-consuming and confusing to navigate. We are knowledgeable about these policies and will help get you the most accurate information.

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Program Requirements

Knowing how transferred credits fulfill specific program requirements in each school and college can be challenging.

How we help: We are knowledgeable about all of the majors, programs, and school/college degree requirements at UW-Madison. We will help you understand credits apply to each of your interests.

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Transfer Agreements

Many universities, including UW-Madison, have partnerships with specific institutions to facilitate a smooth transfer of credits. Courses outside of these agreements may require more evaluation.

How we help: We will give you a clear understanding of your earned credits. We will also connect with other departments to clarify any questions and discrepancies.

Transfer Credit Limits

Like other universities, UW-Madison has limits on the amount of credit that is transferrable. This is based on the type of institution you have the credits. Some schools & colleges also have credit limit policies for eligibility to certain academic programs.

How we help: We will review the credits you earn and provide guidance and other options if you are near or exceed a credit limit.

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

When your SOAR session gets closer and your transfer credits are posted to your UW-Madison record, you will be able to start running a DARS report. The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is an online tool that shows all the requirements for completing a degree. You can run a “What If” DARS report to see how your credits count towards any major or certificate. What If DARS reports are an excellent way to explore programs you find interesting. Advisors will review DARS reports with you during SOAR and throughout your time at UW-Madison. There is a lot of information in DARS reports, and we are happy to answer any questions you have!

How to run a What-If DARS How to read a DARS

Limited Enrollment Programs

Some majors have limited space available and students must apply to enroll in that program. These are known as limited enrollment programs. Limited enrollment programs are competitive and often have selective criteria such as: prerequisite coursework, minimum GPA requirements, auditions, and personal essays.

Direct Entry Programs

Four of these programs allow transfer students to apply directly as part of their overall admission application to UW-Madison. These Direct Entry Programs are: Business, Engineering, Dance, and Music. If you are interested in applying for one of these programs, it is important to review the specific transfer student admission requirements below and contact the Office of Admissions with any questions. Students who are not directly admitted to these programs can be eligible to apply again when they are an enrolled student at UW-Madison. Some programs also limit the number of times that enrolled students can apply while enrolled at UW-Madison.

Business     Engineering.    Dance.    Music

All Limited Enrollment Programs

Many students interested in UW-Madison’s limited enrollment programs below will work with us at CCAS as they prepare to apply and explore their options. You will start making an exploration plan with your CCAS advisor during SOAR and build on that plan together over time. If you are interested in one of these programs, follow the links below to review their UW Guide pages for more information!

New Transfer Student Resources

Part of the Office of Student Transition & Family Engagement (OSTFE), the Transfer Transition Program (TTP) is designed to support and improve the experience of transfer students at UW–Madison. Whether you are preparing to transfer or have already enrolled at UW–Madison, the Transfer Transition Program can assist you in making the transition to becoming a UW student.

Prospective Transfer Student Resources

Admitted Transfer Student Resources

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