Mission & Guiding Principles

Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) is dedicated to helping students realize their long-term goals as they think about how they BELONG, where they want to EXPLORE, and what they want to BECOME.

We are here to listen, get to know you and your story, and help you create a plan for making academic and career decisions!

Welcome to CCAS

Photo of CCAS Director Dr. Kelley Harris

Hello! My name is Dr. Kelley Harris, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Director of Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS).

Cross-College Advising Service is the leading campus resource for UW-Madison students looking to explore majors and careers. Our professional academic advisors are knowledgeable about all the majors and programs offered on campus. We work with you, our students, to identify your strengths, interests, and values, and we help you align those with courses, certificates, majors, and co-curricular experiences.

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Mission & Guiding Principles

CCAS is a community of advisors who serves exploring and undecided undergraduate students. We work to create inclusive spaces that support student success. Employing a developmental focus, CCAS is dedicated to holistic student learning. Together, we serve UW-Madison students across all eight undergraduate schools and colleges.


By promoting strategic exploration and developing partnerships with colleagues across campus, we help students:

  • Seek meaningful learning experiences,
  • Identify future aspirations, and
  • Make informed decisions about their major.

Decorative image of Bucky Badger at a CCAS table


CCAS strives to create an inclusive environment to provide exemplary advising and foster a sense of belonging for students, empowering students to realize their full personal, academic, and career potential.


Belong to our community. With CCAS, you belong to a large community of students who are exploring majors and careers.

Explore your college path. CCAS advisors help you explore your interests and work towards confidently deciding a major.

Become empowered. Our goal is to empower you to become who you want to be, now and after graduation.

CCAS Goals

Accessible & Inclusive

Expand CCAS services to increase accessibility and inclusivity that removes barriers and creates a welcoming environment for students and staff

Major Exploration & Selection

Promote & build a timely and intentional major selection process grounded in exploration of self and contribution to society. Ultimately leading to a sense of fulfillment.

Student Self-Knowledge

Students develop self-knowledge of interests, values, and resources to building an understanding of major and career connections, can make informed-decisions, and feel empowered to engage and explore their interests and career opportunities.


Ensure awareness and utilization of CCAS & Advising Services, including messaging to students and campus.


Develop and maintain campus partnerships that support CCAS staff professional skills to improve and accurately serve CCAS student population, especially underrepresented students.

At CCAS, we are a team that:

Cares about you

Honors your identities

Celebrates your exploration

Empowers your decisions

Supports your voice