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Choosing a major is a big step in your academic and professional journey. The process can be both exciting and challenging as you explore possibilities. Major exploration is an opportunity to discover your interests, purpose, and passions, develop your skills, and imagine your future.

Cross-College Advising Service serves as the hub for the exchange of information about degree programs in every undergraduate school and college on campus. This page outlines information and resources to help you take action and start exploring the academic opportunities at UW-Madison.

Embrace the journey, seek guidance when needed, and trust that you will find a major that aligns with your unique strengths and aspirations. We will help you belong to our community, explore your college path, and become empowered to decide on a major.

CCAS Course

We also offer a 1-credit course open to all undecided and exploring students in their first year on campus – INTER-LS 139: Belong, Explore, Become: Discovering Your UW Paths!

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Wherever you are starting, we celebrate your exploration and are excited you are here!