Why You Should Apply to be a CCAS SOAR Peer Advisor

Being a CCAS SOAR Peer Advisor is a great way to help other students, gain professional development in various skills, and work with a supportive team through a summer job. Check out what last year’s CCAS SOAR Peer Advisors said about their experience!

Helping Others

“If you enjoy working one-on-one with students, meeting new people every day and learning about their goals and experiences, and you like a workplace that builds a strong and welcoming community – this job is for you!”

“It was very fun talking to new students and getting to share about personal experiences with college. Many students were very easy to work with and looked up to me even though I was only a year older.”

“I felt like I really helped some students and I made good friends.”

“I loved working with students and feeling like I can provide all the information they may need, as well as becoming friends with my coworkers.”

CCAS Peer Advisor talks with a student

Professional Development

Incoming students attend a Cross College Advising Service (CCAS)

“It is a positive environment that allows you to connect with professionals and meet new people every day and use your skills and personality to help others.”

“The professional staff is incredible to work with. Working with students is a blast, and no two days are the same as each student has a unique set of needs and desires.”

“It improves your people skills and allows you to interact with a diverse group of people.”

“I really enjoyed working with the different pro advisors. They are very knowledgeable about many classes here and are great resources.”

“I enjoyed meeting everyone from different backgrounds and growing as a person.”

Creating Community

“The other peer advisors were also great, they were super friendly and had a range of personalities, so it was a fun group!”

“You will enjoy the job if you enjoy helping others, your personal experiences are also valued, and it is also a great way to build community with like-minded coworkers.”

“I would say that it’s a job that you actually get excited to go to each day, which I feel can be hard to find as a working student. It’s super manageable and very gratifying every single day.”

“I had a super fun summer working as a Peer Advisor and this was one of the first jobs I found fun and rewarding!”

“I really enjoyed getting to work at SOAR with CCAS! Everyone was very welcoming and supportive throughout the summer, and it’s evident that all the Pros are passionate about their advising work.”

Group photo of 2023 CCAS SOAR Peer Advisors