Work With CCAS!

We hire undergraduate students for a variety of positions:

  •  SOAR peer advisor
  •  Residence hall peer advisor
  •  Front office peer advisor
  •  CEC office peer
  •  Graphic design team member
  •  Video project team member
  •  L&S Honors SOAR peer advisor

CCAS partners with the L&S Honors Program to hire and train SOAR peer advisors. If you have any questions about working as a SOAR peer advisor with the L&S Honors Program, please contact Jacqui Guthrie at

At CCAS, we take our core mission, undergraduate student development, very seriously. One of the ways we fulfill this mission is by providing our student staff opportunities to grow both professionally and personally through their work with us. Working at CCAS is a great way to have a positive impact on campus and to develop skills that future employers will value. With a position at CCAS, you will have the opportunity to help other students have a positive and successful UW experience, collaborate with our professional staff, learn more about campus, and apply your skills in new ways.

Interested? Questions? Please email us at, or call (608) 265-5460.

To explore additional student employment opportunities, please go to the Student Job Center website: